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Child Care Complete

You're committed to getting the best protection for you and the children in your care.  This is why our Child Care Complete insurance program has been tailored for both the children and your business.  Don't just settle for insufficient coverage when you can get a custom package from Markel that's designed to meet all the needs of your business. 

Get more with Markel

With Markel's child care complete insurance program, you get more than just a policy. You get:

  • A highly experienced crisis response team. We sincerely hope you never experience a crisis, but if you do, Markel’s team of caring professionals is available to help you through it.
  • General liability coverage that protects you if someone claims you caused their injury, and pays to defend you if you are sued.
  • Hard-to-find liability coverages, such as sexual abuse/molestation, child care providers/teachers professional, and corporal punishment.
  • Property coverage that covers you whether you rent or own your center. You're covered for events like fire, windstorms, and frozen pipes.
  • A professional claims team to handle your claim promptly. Our claims associates are experts in successfully handling claims involving children.
  • Our Safety 1st education program, which offers innovative risk management advice to improve safety at your center. We also offer discounted background checks for all your employees and volunteers.

Click here to view the Child Care Complete brochure.  

Call 800-476-4940 to speak with a child care representative

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
Monday - Friday


Loss control and risk management services

Our Loss Control Specialists can help you Keep Safety 1st!

By working with Markel, you are working with a company that understands the child care industry.  Our Senior Loss Control Specialists are recognized as specialty experts. With years of industry experience in helping control risk management exposures, Markel’s loss control and risk management services are uniquely geared to help you better control the exposures that pose a risk to your business. By offering loss control and risk management solutions, we can help lower those risks – risks that can often have a detrimental bottom line impact on your center. We understand how to help you manage your business risk exposures which can, in turn, help you achieve better performance results.

Markel offers these exceptional risk management and loss control tools:

  • Markel Safety 1st Education Program which includes access to our Risk Management Library containing articles and safety guides to help you prevent losses, maintain a safer environment and support staff training.
  • Background checks for new hires and staff at a discounted rate.
  • Access to child abuse risk management training and educational services from Praesidium, Inc.
  • Online playground training course at a discounted rate through Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc.
  • Online safe driving courses offered at a discounted rate through BrightFleet driver training and I Drive Safely®.
  • Ask a safety question - get answers to your safety concerns.

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Notable news

Welcome to our news feed. Please check back often to find new topics and stories specific to your business.

Quarterly newsletter - Preventing costly water damage
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Slips, trips, and falls - Trip, slip, and fall incidents primarily involve children, but parents, employees and other adult guests experience mishaps as well.
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Field trips - Summer field trips are fun and exciting for children but require a lot more from the adults in charge.  Are you following the proper safety procedures to make sure your field trips are a big success?
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Mosquito Control - Each year the American Mosquito Control Association declares the week of June 26 the National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. With children playing outside during the summer months, prevention and protection is key.
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An ounce of prevention
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The dangers of hot cars
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Summer swimming policy
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Playground safety
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Put safety first

The right safety program can keep minor upsets from turning into major mishaps. Markel is committed to providing the tools you need to help keep safety first in your organization.

Our Risk Management Library is chock-full of information, pointers, and guidelines for maintaining a safer environment. Use this information in your safety program to help avoid accidents and potential claims while controlling costs at the same time.